Monday, September 5, 2011

Top 5 Gauteng Venues

Ok, so I know I have mentioned which venues are my top 5 in a myriad of posts, but I have decided to consolidate them for you here. My criteria for the top 5 wedding venues in Gauteng were simply this: something that photographs well, isn't too well known (venue overkill...I could name a few), has an awesome vibe and can really allow the couple to express themselves on their big day. Tall order, I know. Let me know what you think of my top 5:

Venue Number 5: The Rand Club

Love the library and the old colonial world charm feel here....bonus is that you can take your wedding pics in the heart of Jozi, which is also quite cute and different.

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Venue Number 4: Turbine Hall

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My cousin got married here, and it was really the BEST wedding I have ever been to. The lighting was amazing, the food divine, and it really is the perfect venue for a city wedding!

Venue Number 3: Imperfect Perfection

Beautiful rustic charm without pretence...this venue is a wonderful palette that allows you to incorporate your unique style into your day. And price wise, it is really reasonable.

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Venue Number 2: Hazeldene Hall

Again, loving the old world Victorian charm at this venue. And the brookilace and outside gazebo. Also, Word Of Mouth are the exclusive caterers for this venue. You just can’t go wrong here.

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Venue Number 1: Morrells Boutique

Ah, Morrells. It truly is quintessentially French and although more suited to a smaller wedding (80 people) it’s the quality in the food and the detail that make this venue my favourite Jozi venue (for now anyway....)

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