Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Be the beauty on your wedding day...

So with all the stress that comes from planning a wedding, one thing not to neglect is your beautiful self. Beauty diva Shereen from Waxed in Rosebank, provided us with some tips and advice on how you can ensure you're picture perfect for your big day! We are especially loving the pamper party idea for your bridal party, a specialty of hers!


Here are some of her tips:
Face: Start with facials 2 -3 months prior to your wedding, as you are at risk of breaking out if you leave this till 1 week/2weeks before. This will plump, hydrate and clear your skin for the big day.
Nails: For tips, go a day or so before wedding, as they tend to break. If you would rather grow your own nails, it’s best to start a few months before with gel overlays to strengthen your natural nails, allowing them to grow to the desired length. Follow up with a gel overlay a day or so before wedding. The most classy option is the French look with diamante/stripers for detail.
Waxing: This should be done as close to the wedding as possible, to prevent regrowth/ingrowns as well as to last for the honeymoon.
Eyelashes: Lash extensions are the way to go for a bride! Do this as close to wedding as possible also. If you do this, tinting is not necessary.
Tinting: Brow tinting is vital to make sure the most natural look is achieved, especially when most brides colour their hair. Dark, well groomed brows frame the eyes especially if brows are shaped with an angular arch to accentuate eyes.
Feet: A pedi is recommended to remove rough skin/corns/calluses as well as toe nail paint/gel overlay. This will last for up to 4 weeks (even longer) which is great for beach/honeymoon so you don’t have to worry about chipping.
Makeup: It is very important to choose a brilliant make-up artist with good knowledge of lighting! Photos are taken in day and evening, so light contrast is vital.
Pamper Parties: a stunning pamper party idea is to get all the bridesmaids/family of bride /bride pampered in luxury of their own home, offering various treatments, where the bride can get extra attention such as a massage (back, neck, shoulder suggested) as it’s very stressful organising a wedding, and this is divine to de-stress and unwind.

Contact Shereen (0825635563 or for your beauty needs this summer. Based in the Rosebank Fire Station in Rosebank, she is quite central, and her service and quality of work is impeccable. Visit her Facebook page for the latest news on her specials and treatments!

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