Thursday, June 21, 2012

Harry Styles Hair

Harry Styles Hair
there is no better pop star name than Harry Styles. While the One Direction cutie is much more than a giant ball of hair—he sings!—we’ve become so enamored with his growing mane and manic head-shakes, we went through the trouble of imagining some of our other musical favorites wearing the now-famous Styles Swoop. Click through for our full look book and feel free to try it out for yourself.
There aren’t many lads on this planet who are so fit that we’ll even marvel at seeing them get their hair cut.
Yes it is a bit boring (and weird) watching a guy getting his barnet chopped, but when said guy is One Direction’s Harry Styles with his flowing curls then it really is a special experience.

So would you please join us in watching this video of the very lovely, fit, gorgeous, handsome, sexy, hot Harry getting his hair done and get a little bit excited.
Oh Adam Reed, how we envy you hands. What we would give to put ours through Harry’s deliciously tousled locks for just one minute, or two. Let’s round it up to an hour.

Do you fancy Harry Styles so much that this video had you more enthralled than say, The Matrix? It did us and we don’t care who knows it.