Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Splendour that is the Rand Club

One of Jozi’s hidden gems (I think), is the Rand Club in downtown Jozi. This colonial masterpiece represents a piece of history as one of the first ‘old boys clubs’ in South Africa, frequented by the likes of Cecil John Rhodes back in the day. What makes this venue awesome is the fascinating old school library, the regal staircases and the duck egg blue reception hall. I love anything bookish, and so I have listed this venue as one of my top 5 in Gauteng (together with Turbine Hall and Hazeldene Hall - the others will follow, promise). Also, being situated in town, you can take advantage of the city landscape when it comes to the photos. Fabulous, old chap, just fabulous!

This wedding was taken by a friend of mine, Marc Dryden-Schofield, and he really did a great job at showcasing the magnificence of the Rand Club.

Photo Credits: {Marc Dryden-Schofield Photography}